Friday, June 27, 2008

New fears

Yesterday Paul & I went to our local library for a visit with Clifford. ("Big! Red! Dog!") Paul was excited to see Clifford and talked about him all morning. When the costumed character entered the room, however, Paul was terrified. Grandma tried to take a picture, but Paul refused to stand anywhere near Clifford and buried his head in my chest.
He seems to be going through this phase where he is scared by seemingly harmless things. In California, he was terrified of this indoor play area because there was an air cannon that shot out balls and made a whooshing sound. So my boy, who ordinarily jumps into every situation with gusto, hid against my chest and refused to play. Later in the week he reenacted his fear with his stuffed bunny, saying that bunny was feeling "scared. balls." and we tried to talk about ways to help bunny feel better. I am really at a loss, other than just letting this phase run its course and assure him that I will keep him safe.
Luckily, all was not lost at the library. Paul was happy to participate in the craft, making a lovely set of red dog ears.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Palm Trees!!!

Paul and I just returned from visiting his aunt, uncle and cousins in California. He was excited to see more "PALM TREES!" and announced their existence at every turn. My brother has a swimming pool in his backyard - Paul thouroughly enjoyed jumping in & learning how to kick his legs & blow bubbles. Here he is with his cousin Dom in the pirate boat. The two are very close in age & enjoyed each other's company (with only the occasional "MINE!")

We were able to get out to the beach for a few days & while the waves frightened him at first, he was excited about sticking his toes in and playing in the sand. We stayed in a cute little resort town and tried to keep cool (California was in the middle of a heat wave). The photo is of my brother and all the boys walking back from breakfast.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home at last!

We are finally in the house. All of us. The humans moved in early last week & the felines joined us on Friday. YAY! Then a heat wave hit. Mom's house has AC. Ours does not. Bad timing. For the first few nights Paul asked to go back to "Papa's house", but he seems to be adjusting to life without grandparents. Not that he doesn't see them every day, I mean - they have AC remember? The cats handled things pretty well too. We were worried that they would be lost without grandma & KC (her cat), but after a few hours of sniffing around & Mia crying, they were back to their old routine. Sleeping. There are still a million things to do at the house and the heat is not helping my motivation. But we are slowly unpacking and getting back to normal. CJ plans to do some serious painting while the boy & I journey to California to visit my brother & his brood. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The happiest (and sweatiest) place on Earth

Magic Kingdom was great. And hot. Paul loved all of the rides (especially small world) and gave enthusiastic nods and thumbs-up at the end of each one. He can now identify pirates and give a hearty "Yo-ho-ho". The highlight of the day was our trip to Pooh's playground where he splashed joyfully in the sprinklers. He was right in there splashing with the other kids and moving the feet of anyone who tried to stand on top of the sprinkler. (My boy does not let anyone push him around!) He had a great time with the little girl in the picture, who I think may have also been adopted. (Mom was not Asian, but I hate to assume, ya know?!?)
Sadly the only adult ride we managed to sneak in was Splash Mountain, where we waited 70 minutes. It seems every school in Florida was having their class day and we were sandwiched in line between two groups of very loud, very silly 5th graders. Mom called to say that Paul was awake moments before we went down the big hill.
On our last day we spent the morning relaxing by the pool before heading back to the airport. Paul is seen here with bubbles given to him by another hotel guest.