Monday, October 12, 2009

The weather outside is frightful

I love fall, and I have to admit that this one has been a little disappointing so far. It seems like every time we try to have a little fun in the great outdoors, the weather is miserable. Rain, rain, rain, rain. What - did I move back to the Pacific Northwest? Yesterday we headed out to our favorite pick your own pumpkin place, and the mud was so thick I was worried it would suck the boy down into the great beyond. Meanwhile, wind is wiping my hair in such a fashion as to make it nearly impossible to choose an acceptable gourd. The positive in all of this? Our pumpkins this year are monster-sized. They will probably be tasteless from all the water retention, but they are HUGE. Yes, we eat the pumpkin guts after carving jack-o-lanterns. I make a fantastic pumpkin soup. And yes, I am aware of my pessimistic attitude. The depressing autumn situation has made me a bit jaded. Needless to say, I shucked out all our available cash to pay for our mutant pumpkins while husband and the boy trampled knee-deep in the muddy corn maze. I have zero photographic evidence this year because my camera can only keep a charge for about 15 minutes and apparently I had used it all up the day before on cheese-ball shots of boy in commercialized pumpkin patch. Cute, eh?