Sunday, March 22, 2009

"That's me with no pants on"

Paul went outside this afternoon to help daddy clean up some sticks. I was upstairs sorting through my winter clothes when I heard, "Mommy? Mommmmy??!?!" I went to the top of the stairs and saw this: Apparently he had gotten into some mud outside, and CJ had stripped him of his boots and pants before sending him inside for new pants. I just had to snap a picture; he looked too darn funny. While showing Paul the pics I took this past week he proudly announced, "That's me with no pants on!" Indeed.

One more step

My handy-dandy husband has completed another home improvement project!! Once again I neglected to take any "before" pictures, so for those readers who haven't been to the house, let's just say that our stairs were UG-A-LY. The spit-up colored carpet was totally worn out, stained and fraying. CJ ripped out the carpet, tore out the stairs and replaced them with oak. He did it all this past week and was able to get the stain on over the weekend. We stayed with my folks while everything dried and are now happily back home enjoying the beautiful new stairs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's happenin'??

A quick update on our lives:
  • CJ has completed his Master's program and now has his MBA. Woo-hoo!! He has one final class to go to earn his Project Management Certification & then we plan to celebrate with a night of unlimited sushi. (For him anyway, Paul & I will eat unlimited noodles!)

  • P is almost three. Yikes! He is progressing at an incredible rate in all areas but one... potty-training. We continue to work on it, but I have come to accept that it will be on his terms, not mine.

  • I will be starting my next long-term substitute assignment on Monday. I wasn't supposed to start until after spring break, but the teacher had to begin her leave early in order to rest before the baby arrives. I will be teaching 10th & 11th grade Global and US History.

  • The latest adoption timeline suggests that our referral will arrive sometime in the late summer/early fall. We are hoping that things remain steady in Korea and the wait time does not get extended.

  • Last night we celebrated with Kim & Josh after a ceremony joining their two families. We had a lot of fun eating and dancing. Here's a pic of P appearing to have stylin' breakdancing moves, when in reality he just wiped out.