Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final thought on snow... now it can all melt. Please.

Oh, how my boys are different. I love looking back at pictures of Paul when he was John's age, not only because I enjoy seeing how cute he was before he learned to negotiate and correct (more on that later) but also to compare personalities through photographs. Take their first winter for example. Technically Paul's first winter was when he was not quite one, but he didn't appreciate being dumped into a large pile of snow when he could barely walk. For this example, I am referring to winter as a one year old. The first time a child realizes the joy of snow. Paul loved it. He wanted to help shovel and would gladly tromp around until he froze. Sadly the boots he had that year were a bit big and I can remember him constantly losing them in the snow drifts. But he was certainly never afraid. John, on the other hand, enjoys the idea of snow but hasn't quite got the enthusiasm of his older brother. He seems to prefer to catch it on his tongue and touch it with his fingers rather than jumping feet first into a giant drift. As with all things, it appears I have a full speed ahead go-getter and a sensitive tactile learner. Which is good. Because as much as I love my oldest, two of him would wear me out.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine greetings

John recently learned to say, "I love you." It is so darn heartwarming. And I love how he repeats Paul in the second video. Sorry, just have to brag. My boys are the best.