Sunday, December 21, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

Okay, so I know in my previous post I was beyond thrilled at the idea of snow... but that was before we got completely buried under it. I spent a good two hours shoveling on Friday (luckily now the dh is home to pick up the slack) and can barely see the street over the mountain of snow in our yard. Seriously. It was a bit too cold & windy on Friday for the boy to have much fun - he insisted on shoveling with his gloves off & kept falling into the deep snow pits that were already up to his waist (I am thinking at this point he could get completely buried). I had to banish him to the house while I finished shoveling & he kept staring at me through the front window with a flashlight up to his face (he uses the flashlight to detect and scare away monsters). I grunted away, hefting the heavy snow from the bottom of the driveway while my neighbors made easy work with their snow blowers. Apparently I was not quite damsel-in-distress enough to require assistance.
We had a break in the snow Saturday & headed out for some sledding. Paul braved the hill several times alone & only face-planted once. Now we are back to blizzard-like conditions. Sigh. & are due to appear at a family party once Paul wakes up. Can't disappoint the boy (Santa will be there) or Grandma. Sigh. Hopefully we will make it there & back in one piece.

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