Saturday, July 24, 2010

The trail of O's

To help ease the transition and smooth the trials and tribulations of toddler hood, I have tried to get John to take on a comfort object. When he was around 18 months old, Paul started being more exclusive with "blue blanket" and it helped ease him through our move and other stressful situations. He now loves to cuddle with blue blanket whenever relaxing, sweetly caressing her soft corners. During his first days home I showed John different blankets and stuffies, but nothing seemed to take. I noticed a pillow featured in many of his foster family photos and placed it into his bed along with a blanket/bear sent by his Aunt Karen. They seem to help with sleep, but neither object receives as much love as... THE PINK CUP. Let me rephrase that: the pink cup fully stocked with Cheerios. Based on how much he loves to eat, I really wasn't that surprised that he clung to the self-feeding cup like it was his BFF. Seriously. You cannot pry the thing out of his hand for anything. He even tries to drink his milk while holding onto the cup. Yesterday I bought an additional self-feeding cup, but I have a sick feeling it will not be as loved and he will cry for his pink one.
Here is some photographic proof of how much he loves to eat. He liked the peaches so much he tried to eat the container. Here's a shot shortly after he sucked down a serving of ketchup and then began to eat the paper cup. And then there's the ravioli. (The next time I served these I used a bib.)

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Jess said...

Love it! Emma's first "comfort object" was cheerios. I remember feeling like Hansel and Gretel when I looked at the trail of cheerios we would leave through walmart! Thanks for the smile!