Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Ace of Cups

The sippy cup. It is a blessing and a curse. It allows for the safe and generally mess-free consumption of liquids both in and around the house and on the go. However it appears to have prevented my child from having any desire to drink out of a normal cup. Sitting at the table. Without spilling the contents. Everywhere. Okay. So I trek off to the store and purchase a couple of the nifty little water bottles that have popped up all over in an attempt to get Americans to kick the bottled water habit. I just want my kid to drink his milk. Without spilling it. The first type I try has a spill-resistant mouthpiece that is activated by biting. Ah. Paul will love that. He bites just about everything else (including his sunglasses) and will be able to enjoy his milk while watching TV and snuggling with blue blanket (the ONLY way to drink, according to him). Yeah. Notice I said "spill-resistant". I have no idea how he managed to create the mess that he did in his new water bottle this morning, but it was bad. Milk somehow sucked itself up the straw and out of the bottle, onto my couch and all over the floor as he carried it into the kitchen yelling, "My milk is spilling! My milk is spilling!" Sigh.
Water bottle #2: Slightly cheaper, but functioning on a similar suck-the-liquid-up-the-straw method. I foolishly allowed him to try drinking some juice out of it yesterday. For whatever reason he felt the need to bring the bottle into the bathroom and somehow it sprayed all over the kitchen floor. It remains a mystery as to exactly how these spill-resistant bottles seem to be more spill-causing than, say, a regular water bottle of yore with a simple pull top. Oh, I bought one of those too. But it is too hard for him to release the top on his own and he has a tendency to leave it slightly open... glug glug glug. Not to mention he has already bitten it to smithereens. And John desperately wants to use it because it more closely resembles his beloved bottle. Which, by the way, he has completely kicked!! He is transitioning well to the sippy cup. Ah, the cycle continues...

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