Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry, these are just too funny to keep to myself

Paul thoroughly enjoys taking pictures with his FP camera. When I downloaded them onto the computer I found that among the hundreds of shots of inanimate objects (you think I am exaggerating here, but there were at least 20 pictures of our garbage can), there are some pretty funny candid pics of the family.
I start with my nephew. The oldest of seven grandsons, he is the designated entertainer and he fulfills his job very well. Let's just hope he doesn't read my blog.
On the rare occasion that he lets someone else man the lens, Paul enjoys being a goofball.
I included the last shot due to its naughtiness factor. He is standing on top of the bookcase pointing his drill gun right at his cousin. Photographic proof of the lovely things boys do when left to their own devices.
Now for the best part. Ridiculous shots of me and my darling husband making faces.
Angry ones: Sad ones: And just plain goofy ones: Needless to say the proverbial apple, while not genetically related to the tree, has not fallen far.

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Jess said...

You guys are too much! Love it!