Monday, June 22, 2015

Birthday Week: Day One

In honor of my big sister’s big birthday this week, the blog will be taking a little trip through history. Each day will highlight a decade of my sister’s life, complete with photos and the occasional sound bite.

Decade one: 1965-1975

My sister Christine (known to the family as Chrissy, to me as Sissy and for a brief period of time Doodie – more on that later) entered the world on June 24, 1965. A first born, she enjoyed two years of only child bliss before my brother came along in 1967. I did not arrive until 1975, marking this period in our family’s history as B.S. or Before Sandi. Therefore I cannot speak with any clarity as to what went on during these ten years of my sister’s life, but I can leave you with these adorable pics.

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