Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greetings from the Sunshine State!

The van family is in Florida! Paul did relatively well on the plane ride down - only a few moments of minor meltdown. We were hoping that he would sleep on the flight. HA! Of course he fell asleep as soon as we started driving to the hotel. At least he was able to sneak in a quick cat nap. He seemed excited and confused about the whole hotel experience. After dinner he said, "Papa's house" & we had to explain that we would be sleeping in a hotel for a few days. I think he is starting to get used to the idea here on day three.

Yesterday we headed out to Disney's Animal Kingdom and everyone had a fabulous time. We went on the safari ride and were able to see many of Paul's favorite animals. We had a very yummy lunch in "Asia" and were very happy that Paul fell asleep in his stroller in the late afternoon. Grandma & Papa sat with him in the shade while Mommy & Daddy hit the rides. I actually volunteered to ride a roller coaster! It was the new one called Everest & it really wasn't too bad. I did scream rather loudly though and was told that I was walking a bit funny after we disembarked. Paul woke up just in time for the big parade and was thrilled to see some of his favorite characters. After a little more playtime we headed over to the Lion King show. Also a big hit with the boy who was enthralled with the monkey gymnasts. All in all a great day!
Today we are taking it easy. We spent the morning by the pool where Paul enjoyed practicing his swimming skills. We are headed into Downtown Disney after nap. Tomorrow we plan to hit Magic Kingdom. Traveling with the grandparents is going very well. It is wonderful to have a second set of hands and eyes, expecially with a busy little toddler!

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