Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our home away from home

It may be a while before we can actually move into our new house. To begin with, there are several layers of filth to peel away and currently we do not have any hot water. Trying to clean with lukewarm water is only the part of the challenge, trying to clean while a mischievous toddler explores the new terrain is of course the rest. Yesterday (on Daddy's watch, not mine) he managed to pull down the curtain rod in the living room & tangle himself in the musty old drapes. Paul's version went something like this: "House. Daddy. Papa. Head." (hits himself in the head while making an appropriate head smashing sound.) With Paul, this could mean anything. I had to get the truth from Papa.

Needless to say we are making some progress in the right direction. All of the bedrooms are painted & we are waiting for the new rugs, which will hopefully be installed next Friday. Tonight we plan to stimulate the economy by purchasing all new appliances (YAY!) and (cross your fingers) a WATER HEATER. There have been hours of research and discussion regarding the water heater and whether or not it should be tankless. It seems that we do not live in a climate conducive to a tankless heater, and when CJ found out that the water can suddenly turn cold he gave it the big thumbs down. The man likes his hot showers. In an effort to reduce our "footprint", we plan to buy an efficient as possible tanked version & insulate it to death (well, not to death really, I mean we already have one dead heater on our hands!) Tomorrow CJ will be knocking down walls in the kitchen to make room for the new fridge. I plan to stay away and be nervous from a distance. It really is better that way.
Moving day has been pushed back at a minimum to next weekend while we wait for rugs and wall relocation. I'll keep everyone posted & will put some pictures up as soon as I remember to take a few.

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Rebekah said...

yeah for you. mom and dad did all of this last year. have fun and enjoy when it is all complete.