Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I hope you weren't planning to eat those

I am happy to report that we are finally enjoying some potty related success. Apparently Paul simply needed a mission. Potty training has been a bit of a bumpy road. He didn't like sitting in his musical potty chair (and I didn't like the fact that it mysteriously serenaded the ghost pee-er in the middle of the night). We tried sitting him on the big toilet, but I worried constantly that his high level of distractibility would land him butt first into the water and create PTTD (post-traumatic toilet disorder). I bought a potty attachment, but he didn't seem too crazy about that either. Then he tried standing, and that resulted in a whole lotta pee in places other than the toilet. Enter the mission. Toss a few Cheerios into the water and voila! Instant challenge. And the boy does enjoy a challenge. Now it isn't, "Do you need to go potty?" followed by a loud chorus of "NOOOOO!!!" It is, "I bet you can't hit the Cheerios!" Works every time.
Now, if anyone has a strategy for the other half of the potty equation, please pass it on. I am resisting the urge to send him into the bathroom with a jar full of raisins, a torture inflicted upon me by my mother.

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Anonymous said...

Sandi - you are too funny! Way to play up to his competitive nature.

Jilly was an easy potty trainer, in both respects. What helped with #2 is that she is really regular, so we would just go and sit and read at the appropriate time. Not sure if Paul is the same way or not, but figured I would toss it out there.