Sunday, April 19, 2009

A swift kick

Right before Spring Break CJ said to me, "So are you planning on making a to-do list for break? Things like 'send in passport applications' and 'potty train Paul'? And then you can not get them done until, oh this summer?" HA HA HA HA. Yes, my husband is mean. But truly I needed his nasty sarcasm to kick me in the rear and stop my ridiculous procrastinating. Honestly, I've been talking about potty training since the boy turned two. And I picked up the passport applications last summer. Oops. Low and behold - it worked! After being shot-down at the regular post office (we arrived ten minutes after they stop processing passport applications), we took a trip out to the airport post office early Saturday morning and FINALLY TURNED THEM IN!! (I just needed to renew mine, Paul needed a new one). While waiting in line we met a couple with two teenagers who were adopted from Korea. They had used the same agency as we are currently using for #2. Very cool.
As for the potty training, well, we continue to work on it. Paul is wearing underwear and trying to exert his control at every turn. Ugh. I am trying not to get too anxious (a trait I find annoying and utterly unavoidable). I am just happy that I was able to prove my hubby wrong. Oh sure, he probably knew all along that his remark would motivate me and that was his strategy all along, blah blah blah. Sigh.

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