Monday, May 4, 2009

Well hello there Mr. President

We have been teaching Paul to recite his address when asked. He is doing a great job, proudly announcing, "123 My Street" (Obviously I am not going to write our real address on the blog... this is the internet after all.) In the meantime, CJ has been asking him who the president is, mostly because he enjoys hearing Paul say, "OOOOOObama!" Well, I think we may have confused him by teaching the two things too close together. The other day we were driving home and I asked Paul, "Who lives at 123 My Street?"
"Who else lives there?"
Huh. Guess that's who has been eating all the ice cream.

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Ryan said...

HIlarious. I didn't realize you guys hosted such high profile figures. And right here in our own backyard. Congrats!