Monday, April 7, 2008

Mr. Paul is A-OK!

Paul had his two year old checkup today. He is doing very well & has hit all of his developmental milestones (go Paul!). He is a bit low on the growth charts for weight & height; daddy remarked that he was "hanging by his toes off the bottom curve of the weight chart." Not that the boy doesn't eat, he does. He just never stops moving. I explained this to the doctor, who nodded knowingly. Then I asked if the chart was used primarily for white American children & he said it was actually calculated using averages for African-American children. Hmmmm... So I went online & found an Asian-American growth chart, & low & behold Paul is right around the 50th percentile. I can tell you for a fact that the boy is growing; he can now turn light switches on and off and reach all the doorknobs in the house. Oh & if he can't reach something, he'll find a chair to help him out. We must continually update the childproofing as he figures out a way around it. Luckily my little problem solver is no match for daddy the engineer.


Anonymous said...

Glad you found the Asian child growth charts - I freaked a bit when I saw how low Jilly was on the US ones, but like Paul she is 50th-ish for both on the Asian charts. Her Dr. always reminds me that it is more important that she grow 'evenly' along her percentage. I believe her, but still!

Good luck with the house, sorry to hear about your seller (is that the right term?) passing away. Fingers crossed that it resolves quickly.

Give Paul a hug from Jilly!

Rebekah said...

it seems that my two are always finding ways around the child proofing as well. micah climbs more than eli every thought did. it is so amazing how two can be so much alike and so different at the same time.