Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Otters, reptiles & squatters, oh my!

We took Paul on his first trip to the zoo this past weekend. It was quite the toasty day (can we say Global Warming???) and we had a great time seeing the animals. Paul seemed to enjoy the water animals and snakes the most. Unfortunately my camera wasn't working, but mom's was & she got a few cute shots. Not to worry, Paul's godparents got us a zoo pass so there will be many more trips in the future!
Despite the early rise into high 80's, I am really loving this weather! It helps that I am not in the hot classroom & instead home with my boy playing in the backyard. Sorry to all my sweating teacher friends!! I do miss it though, and have found myself longing for the mouthy retorts of preteens and the sweet smell of Axe. HAHAHAHA.
And no, in case anyone was wondering, we have not been able to get into the new house. The squatters are still there as evidenced by their piles of stuff in the garage. Yes, my husband is stalking the house (he continues to visit daily) and peering into the garage. I am hoping that no one calls the police on him. It has become quite heartbreaking to have this beautiful weather and not be out in the garden. We were so overcome with jealousy the other day when we walked out of the Depot empty handed. Dad offered to help us get out of our mopey state by handing me a broom and saying, "There's plenty of work to do around here!"

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Rebekah said...

i have a picture of eli a lot like that one of paul. i love it. hope you guys get to move in soon. the weather where in bama is not a warm. we suprisingly have not hit 80 yet.