Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One step closer to close

Hurray! Closing is scheduled for Friday. Hopefully all will go smoothly and we will be in the new house by the weekend. If so, I will try to put some pictures up so that everyone can admire our fashionable 80's pad. We are still in controversy over what to do with the downstairs floors. I am hoping that CJ bends to my wishes & installs bamboo in the living room/dining room. The last floor place we went to told us that bamboo was "a colossal waste of money" to which I wanted to reply, "Wow, what an excellent sales pitch!" I told him that I was just trying to do my part to protect the planet. Sheesh.
In the world of Paul, we have had one successful visit to the potty - although it seemed to be quite coincidental because he was rather shocked to realize what he had done (as was I)! Needless to say his success was several days ago and we have not seen any repeat performances. Not that there hasn't been plenty of time spent sitting and reading books (followed by running around the upstairs stark naked). I have a feeling that there will be a long road to a diaper free existence.

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