Friday, July 18, 2008

The paperwork is in!

Well, it took us about three months to get it all together, but we finally got the dossier paperwork sent in for our second adoption. I had been waiting on a statement from our bank and poor CJ had to keep calling and harassing them to send it to us. I decided to send in the packet minus the statement, and the agency received everything yesterday. Thankfully the bank statement came in the mail today & I can send it in tomorrow. We should be starting our home study soon - yipee! I have started talking to Paul about having a sibling. He thinks it is great, although I doubt he fully understands what that means. He isn't happy when one of the cats gets too close to something of his and has been known to shout, "MINE!" at them. Alas, I know it will be a good thing long term, even if it means some jealousy & adjustment at first. CJ & I are excited, but a little nervous as to how this will change our family dynamic. But we have many months to adjust to the idea & for P to soak up solo time.

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elsny said...

How Exciting! Congrats - I hope your wait is exactly long enough for Mr. Paul to come to terms with it - and not one minute longer!

Erika (wait time 15 months and counting....)