Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The daycare disappointment

Image of Paul when dropped off at daycare: Ridiculous grin (see previous post), happily making his way around the room to check out the myriad of new toys, a quick kiss for mommy before heading right to his new teacher
Image of Paul when picked up from daycare: Eyes swollen and red from crying all day. ALL DAY. His teacher said he did manage to eat and take a one hour nap in between his crying and asking for "mommydaddy". Apparently he finally realized that going "back daycare" did not include his parents and that he would actually have to share the teacher's attention with other children. Hmm. I felt terribly guilt ridden and worried that we had rushed into this new situation. Honestly though, we visited the center several times and talked at length about what his day would be like.
I guess I took for granted the fact that he regularly accepts new people and situations without issue and completely forgot about the first few times at library hour. My son, the boy who dances to the music on television commercials and will sing his repertoire of nursery rhymes to complete strangers, sat frozen on my lap for the first several sessions. Music! Books! Dancing! It was the perfect fit! He refused to participate until he became comfortable with the situation. One week, my mom took him to a different library for a special Thomas the Tank Engine day. He sat mute on her lap the entire time. (Paul mute - hard to picture, I know!)
I can only hope that his crying jag at daycare is merely due to the adjustment of being away from mommy and my constant 1-1 attention. I tell myself it will be good in the long run; the teachers are kind and knowledgeable, the other kids are happy, and Paul will eventually love all of the activities and social interaction. I mean, comparatively I am pretty darn boring.
We go back for day two on Friday. Hopefully there will be fewer tears and more ridiculous grins.

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elsny said...

Oh Sandi - I am so sorry! I can completely relate to the guilt feeling, and also know that things will get better. Big transitions can be so hard - on everyone.

Bean goes back to preschool next week. She is awfully excited right now, so I am optimistic. We shall see though - she is likely to be just as awfully upset when the time comes.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys!