Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahoy Mates!

Paul had a wonderful second Halloween. He dressed as a pirate (of course) and enjoyed two consecutive nights of trick-or-treating. Thursday night we went to the mall, and Friday night CJ took him around the neighborhood. Mom held down the fort, giving out candy and scaring small children with our spooky lights. They play the Mike Myers theme (very loudly) and are motion sensored, so when unsuspecting children knocked on the door they were surprised and often slightly mortified. The first two little girls ran screaming down the sidewalk. It was classic. Here are this year's pumpkins. Paul designed the one on the far right, CJ designed/carved the one with the eight million teeth, I did the one with the bloodshot eyes & the cat was one of those cut-out designs. It was a group effort - I poked all the tiny holes & CJ did the carving.

The full collection of halloween pictures will be posted in our snapfish album.

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