Sunday, November 30, 2008

From one holiday to the next

Thanksgiving weekend is drawing to a close and the annual event of getting the house ready for Christmas has begun. CJ finally has his wish - a house with a window facing the street where we can display our tree. He even bought blinking lights this year!! (Technically they are "twinkling" but I'm looking at them right now & they look pretty blinky to me!) For those who do not know, I was raised in a family where the tree had multi-colored, multi-design, blinking lights. Any ornaments we made were proudly displayed, even the really bad ones. CJ's childhood tree? Non-blinking white lights, red bows and silver tinsel. Guess who won the Christmas tree design war? Hmmm... not me. Alas, now that the handmade ornaments are going to start coming, I have petitioned for my own tree. After the holiday we plan to purchase a second tree, and I have been preparing for next Christmas, when I will hang the most obnoxious lights I can find.

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Jess said...

I bet Paul is going to LOVE Christmas this year! The holidays are just so magical when the kids are this age, aren't they?