Monday, June 21, 2010

Everyone but us...

My darling husband is threatening to take the computer away if I don't stop stalking blogs and adoption forums in some vain effort to make myself feel better. (Which is obviously not working - I am a miserable mess!) I watch as family after family hears news of EP approvals and travel calls while we hear.... nothing.... The silence is KILLING ME!! I swear I must check my phone 18 million times a day. It was vibrating today after lunch and my heart stopped... until I saw it was the dentist's office reminding me of my upcoming cleaning. Sigh. It doesn't help that we are in week two of exams at school and I have finished my checklists, cleaned out my desk and just sit sit sit sit sit all day long with nothing to think about but my son, halfway around the world, waiting to come home. It also doesn't help that every five minutes someone asks me about if we've heard anything. Believe me, the WORLD will know when we get that call.

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