Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Those Crazy vans!!

We never let an opportunity to dress up pass us by. Especially when it involves amusing accessories. So when our niece announced that she would be having a luau themed graduation party we were psyched. The invitation clearly stated to get grass skirts and coconut bikinis ready... and we did. Before leaving the house we decided to snap a few pics. They turned out somewhat amusing. First I had to take a pic of our darling ham all decked out in the too small Hawaiian outfit we bought for him three years ago on our trip to the Big Island. CJ tried to take some pics of me and the boy but, well, my husband likes the candid shots. So we gave the camera to Paul, resulting in us looking a bit like giants. "Isn't there a self-timer on this thing?"
"Yeah, it's right here." Once we figured out how to use the timer we just needed to line up the shot and coordinate our pose. Ahhh... perfect!

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