Thursday, June 17, 2010

World's Worst Blogger

Okay, so maybe that is an exaggeration, but I certainly haven’t been keeping up with my blog and for that I apologize. Here are my excuses: About a month ago we contracted a nasty virus that wiped out our hard drive and left me without a computer for nearly two weeks. When it was returned, stripped down to nothing, I was so depressed over the loss of my pictures and documents that I sulked about it. For a long time. In the meantime, school has been coming to a screeching halt and with it the stress of my impending unemployment. I have enjoyed a wonderful year as a long term substitute, but sadly the teacher whose place I temporarily filled decided to come back to work. And currently there are no prospects for September. So there was some more sulking. A lot. But I have resolved to keep plugging away in my attempt to become a permanent teacher once again and came to the conclusion that this bump in the road is a sign that I need to spend time with my boys. BoyS. Yes, there is still only one mini Van in the house and we have no idea when the second will arrive. Our social worker is being very tight lipped, claiming that the agency in Korea is not giving her any information. The reason I find that hard to believe is because I regularly stalk the adoption message board and several blogs of families on the same timeline (adopting through the same Korean agency) and they all seem to know WAY more than we do. In a nutshell – two batches of EPs (emigration permission: what the kiddos need to travel to the US) were submitted in May. The first batch was made up of referrals from November, the second contained referrals from December. We received our referral in late November, so I figure if the other boy did not make it into the first batch; he would surely be in the second. I learned last night that all of the families in batch one received their travel calls. So we wait with baited breath. I asked point blank if he was in batch two and was told that the Korean agency does not release that information to families. No, apparently they just don’t release it to us. Otherwise how the (bleep) does every other waiting family seem to know the status of their child’s EP?!?! Honestly. It’s okay really because we haven’t done a thing to get his room ready other than buy the can of paint. Hubby says he refuses to move the furniture and paint until we get the call, which he does not believe will be anytime soon. Meanwhile my mother is willing it to happen more than I have ever seen her will anything. And the woman has power. Give her a handful of rosaries and she will guarantee sunshine. No lie. My suggestion to the Korean government is that they should probably get that kid on a plane ASAP.

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