Monday, August 4, 2008


This past weekend we had our first post-Paul camping trip. He was excited and enthusiastic all week, shouting "CAMPING!" over and over. Little did he know that camping involves sleeping in a tent on the ground, listening to rain pelt the thin plastic barrier, and watching the sky light up and crackle with thunder and lightening. Little did mom know that trying to convince a toddler to sleep through such an event would be next to impossible. Okay, so I knew that much. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep (honestly though, who gets much sleep when on the ground, even without the toddler?) and when my mom asked if we "relaxed" I chuckled. Loudly. We did have fun though and were happy to be joined by Kim & Josh for one night. We had a great campfire Friday night & on Saturday headed out to the park where CJ & I got married eight years ago tomorrow. I was happy to be able to show our son where the Van family began. {smirk}
Paul concluded that the "WATERFALL" was his favorite part, but he also enjoyed creek stomping with Daddy and sitting by the campfire. Oh, & splashing in the mud puddles Saturday morning. The boy has never been so filthy. Not sure if we will try to camp again this summer, but I look forward to more mornings waking up with the sun, opening my eyes to a little face peeking up over the side of the air mattress, a tiny finger poking my forehead. "Mommy. Morning, mommy. Reading books me? CAMPING!"

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