Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The next Phil Collins

Paul likes to "Play drum". On everything. He turns chopsticks, eating utensils, crayons, etc. into sticks & will play on any & every available surface. I am convinced that this is because of something I told him when he first came home. See, when I was younger & wanted to play a musical instrument, my first choice was the drum. I too enjoyed turning stick-shaped objects and Tupperware containers into a drum set and banging away to my heart's content. Mom & dad said no, drums were for boys (code for: drums are too loud) and I settled on the clarinet. I have been sad about this ever since and continue to love banging away on the Turkish bongos CJ brought back from deployment. When Paul first showed signs of musical interest (about the time he stopped screaming & realized we were O.K. folk) I told him that he could play whatever he wanted, no matter how loud or gender specific. It seems he has already chosen the drums. Which is fine with mommy. The neighbors however, may have different opinions once Paul graduates to the real thing. Hmmmm.

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