Monday, August 18, 2008

No big hair, just the Big Ocean

Paul has now been to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (or has he calls them, the "Big Ocean" and the "Big Ocean"). We were down visiting some friends in New Jersey & took a trip out to the shore. He was a bit braver this time, actually sticking his feet into the water and letting me take him into the waves a bit. He enjoyed the sand and was of course covered in it by the end of the day.

He also enjoyed the infamous Jersey boardwalk and wanted to visit each and every arcade and eat lots of chocolate ice cream. The boy can spot an ice cream stand anywhere - it's like he has ice cream radar! On the drive home we passed a Friendly's off the highway & from the back I heard a tired voice say, "Ice cream." Honestly.

On the way down we had a quick visit with Karen, Kyle & Cole and enjoyed a day at Sesame Place where Paul climbed the rope maze like a little monkey and braved the tube rides.

A fun trip; we are happy to be back home!

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