Friday, August 29, 2008

On our way to the 171-H!

In the international adoption community, the 171-H is the magical piece of paper that arrives from immigration indicating that you are eligible for adoption (which then places you on the referral waiting list). In order to receive it you need to complete your homestudy and be fingerprinted by the nice folks down at the immigration office. Well, this past week we had our second social worker visit and he is now busy at work finishing up our homestudy. And today we drove downtown and got our fingerprints done. Hurray! I told CJ on the drive home, "I'm feeling a lot less stressed about the second adoption." He chortled. OK, now that everything is done - of course I feel less stressed! I'll admit, there have been anxious moments. And there is plenty of time for more anxious moments. What would life be without a little stress, right?
In the meantime, P is getting ready for his return to daycare. He starts next Tuesday and is beyond excited. We visited this past week and he made a beeline straight for his classroom. I am going to try and not be a nervous wreck next week. ha!

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