Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally moving forward

Thursday night we had our first social worker visit. Yipee!! It took a while for him to actually track us down - apparently moving twice and having three different phone numbers in the last five months was just more than the agency could handle. So he'd been trying to call some number that he thought was my parents' house & was misdialing & leaving messages on some unsuspecting person's machine. Meanwhile I was contacting (ok harassing) the agency via phone and email over the fact that three weeks had passed since our paperwork was in & still no word from the SW. Alas, all the kinks were straightened out (for now anyway) and we are moving ahead once again. CJ & I thoroughly enjoying the personal probing on Thursday night and look forward to having the house combed for dangers at the next visit. For those readers who have not endured a home study, it is a rather invasive procedure in which you are required to tell all of your personal history to a complete stranger, including but not limited to your childhood relationships, marital pitfalls and struggles with infertility. The social worker then takes that information and enters it into a narrative that is sent to immigration where they decide whether or not you are fit to be a parent. CJ keeps pointing out that P should serve as proof enough at this point, but the USCIS does not see it as that simple.

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